MADE IN THE USA US Patent 2018/0111029 A1

How SPINNER BALL was created.

We’re often asked how this game was created. Actually, “SPINNER BALL” resulted because I wanted a way for my 7-year old daughter to shoot a full-size basketball into a basket. Tossing ideas back and forth, as well as the usage of various materials in creating shapes, this is a game that all ages can play. During the development of “Spinner Ball”, I included both my daughter and my 5-year old son as much as possible. Actually, my daughter put herself in charge of the ball design for this "Any-time, anywhere game" as she defined it. Not to be outdone, my son told me he could invent more games than me.  We have  invented SPINNER BALL game together.  My children have been by my side as SPINNER BALL has developed and reached production.  SPINNER BALL game is not only a create game for children like mine to play at home but a great game elementary schools students in their physical education class as the skills and techniques utilized in our game will assist them in other games, like basketball, as they mature. 

I am lucky enough to have Steve "Superman" Johnson, who is a certified solidworks design professional and he transferred my duct-taped plastic and cardboard test units to a working prototype. The majority of the game components are manufactured by small, family-operated businesses.


To succeed one must fail many times to understand what is needed for success and, above all, never give up.  I am proud this game has shown the potential for success and I would like to thank my friends and family for their positive endorsement and assistance.